There are only good smoking guns with your eco-friendly grill these days

Smoking guns are the tools of trade of dangerous folks. They are also the necessary tools of those brave men and women who risk their lives each and every day to ensure that our neighborhoods are kept safe during the day and especially at night. They’ll even be plying their duties over weekends so that we can all enjoy our traditional barbecue hangouts. If their guns were smoking, something may have happened. Who knows, maybe even a fire broke out somewhere.

But if neighborhood folks were all using a smoker box, there’s a less than zero chance of a fire hazard. That’s because this versatile lightweight and nifty stainless steel container gets placed on top of your barbecue grill with the grill’s lid over it. With the grill lid over and on top, there’s less than little chance of a fire breaking out because smoke can be contained and controlled within the griller. There’s a vent which allows you to control smoke filtrations and regulate the temperature of your meat.

No fire hazards and no-one needs to choke on smoke ever again. Also, smoked meat cuts are a lot healthier and tastier too. Spare a thought for those brave fire fighters, many of them just volunteers, who risk their lives during those times of the year when bush fires run rampant. And just remember that it’s not just meat that will be smoked in the stainless steel box and on the grill. Healthy fish is perfect for smoking.

Bread can be placed on the grill as well. A different taste sensation awaits you when you arrange some of your favorite roast vegetables in the smoking tray. Using the smoker with your eco-friendly grill is also quite easy.