Live Another Day: Take Care of the Fire Escape

Landlords have a lot to worry about when it comes to rental properties. There are codes to meet, inspections to pass and bills to pay. Maintenance is a constant worry, with different fixes at different levels of importance. One area that can be overlooked is the fire escape ladder. This ladder is key to the safety of all residents when they cannot reach the stairwell and the building is on fire.

A fire escape is a necessary part of the structure to ensure the safety of the residents. Therefore, even if there has not been a fire, it is important to make sure the fire escape is regularly checked for structural weakness.

Maintaining and strengthening the fire escape is a very important task to add to the regular to-do list. Someone should be checking it regularly, with a second person checking in at longer intervals to make sure the regular maintenance person does not miss a new issue.

Do not forget to show your residents you care about their safety. A great way to do that is to be sure the fire escape is taken care of and no potential issues will arise with the unfortunate tragedy of a fire in the building. Residents can take comfort in the fact you remember the little details. They know you are trying to make sure the building is safe in every possible way. This keeps the residents happy and comfortable.

The fire escape is also an important visual aspect of the structure. There is not a positive reaction from passersby when the building has a poorly maintained fire escape. Even if the rest of the building is in top shape, people tend to look unfavorably on the structure and its safety. Therefore, in all aspects of the building, it is key to properly maintain the fire escape.